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Photography Gallery

No moment or scene will ever be repeated. Every frosty morning, sunny afternoon, or pastel sunset is fleeting. I capture these captivating sights as often as I can, to share them with others and remember them myself.


Contrast is what makes life vivid and rich. Contrast between light and shadow, varying textures and shapes, different colors and shades, and diverse personalities, thoughts, and ideas. How dreary a world of uniformity would be.


Sometimes I shoot with a purpose, working to capture a particular subject, but the times I love photography most are those days when I wander and wait for something wonderful to capture my eye. It never fails to happen.


Photography has become, to me, almost a form of mediation, or prayer. It helps me slow down and see things I hadn’t noticed, and feel gratitude, admiration, and a sense of profound peace.  


I love to find and capture patterns in nature that indicate, to me, that creation was not random or chaotic. The complexity and perfection of creation tells me that it was purposeful, inspired, and wrought with a great deal of joy and love. 


While editing a captivating photo, whether it be of a pastel sunset, or a dahlia in full bloom, I often enter a different state of mind in which I substitute my sense of time for a heightened sense of sight and feeling. 


Seeing a print come to life on canvas, metal, or paper, for the first time is often a moving experience. The printing process transforms an ethereal image composed of encoded pixels into a tangible work of art. 

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